• Moves up & down at a rate of 8 feet per second
  • Instant reverse motion if an object comes in contact with door
  • Optional automatic actuation of the door


  • Soft bottom edges with no weights or rigid parts
  • Detects objects in the doorway with infrared sensors
  • Easily realign door after impact with the push of a button


  • Creates a four-sides, tight seal against wind, rain & contaminants
  • Withstands winds up to 141 mph, depending on door size & application
  • Allows better climate control to decrease heating & cooling costs

high speed door

Why Replace High Speed Doors?

In the manufacturing industry, each minute of production is important to meet customer deadlines. We are also faced with the challenge of staying within budget and providing a safe working environment despite the fast pace. How do our high speed doors meet the challenge? Doors move at a rate up to 8 feet per second Soft […]

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